You Need A Kidney Cleanse. Here’s How To Flush Out Toxins From Your Kidneys

By | May 21, 2019

The kidneys are the most important detoxifying organs in the body, and their role is to eliminate waste from the body through the urine.

According to Dr. Victor Marchione:

“Being kind to your kidneys is a vital part of maintaining overall good health. If you don’t eat a balanced diet, drink clean water, and cleanse your body of toxins that build up, it can negatively impact the function of the kidneys, liver, and other organs. Poor kidney health can also lead to kidney stones.

Cleansing the kidneys is, in fact, a pretty simple process that doesn’t involve a large number of tools or ingredients. One of the easiest, yet best steps when it comes to a kidney cleanse is drinking plenty of purified water. This, of course, provides an effective flush.”

A kidney cleanse is a beneficial method that improves the function of these organs, and thus prevent kidney infections, and other health issues.

It will remove any toxins and waste from the body, and treat:

1. Bloating

Bloating can also be a result of accumulated toxins and waste in the body, so a kidney cleanses will treat it.

2. Fatigue

If the function of the kidneys is impaired, one experiences fatigue, as the body faces difficulties to process certain foods.

3. Kidney Infections

Waste and toxic buildup in the kidneys can cause infections, and a kidney cleanse will help you relieve them.

4. Bladder Problems

Bladder issues are often caused by toxins and waste in the kidneys.

5. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are usually a result of the accumulation of fats, but if you cleanse them, you will reduce the risk of developing painful kidney stones.

6. Skin Conditions

When the kidneys cannot filter the toxins from the body, one often experiences from acne, eczema, and rashes.

7. Hormonal Imbalances

The impaired function of the kidneys raises the risk of hormonal imbalances.

In most cases, kidney cleanses last for about 5 days. You can choose to perform a juice fast for 5 days, or follow a raw fruit and vegetable diet on days 1 and 5 and fast on juices for days 2, 3 and 4 of the cleanse.

You can choose the juices you will drink while performing a kidney cleanse, and the following recipes are especially beneficial since they effectively cleanse the kidneys: